Requesting a Transcript or Re-issuance of Certificate

The Transcripts Office (Academic Affairs Department) can advise on how to obtain a copy of your Osun State University academic record. Before making contact, please read the following advice.

The process for obtaining transcript:

Obtain a bank draft from any Commercial Bank (Community Bank not inclusive) in favour of Osun State University, Osogbo; Take the draft to Student Account Office at Main Campus (Room 111); Make a photocopy of the draft and endorse it at the Student Account Office and change it to receipt; Attach the official receipt from the Bursay Department of the University the photocopy of the endorsed draft, transcript label (where applicable), and the online registration of courses to your neatly typed application addressed to the Registrar; Indicate a "Student Copy" in your application if you are requesting for a student copy; Submit same at the Registrar's Office.

Your letter must include the following - The address of the Institution you want the transcript to be processed to, your matriculation number, your telephone contact, your year of entry, your department of graduation.

FEES: Pay the prescribed fee as stated below:

    Transcript processing fee (Local) - N7,500.00

    Transcript processing fee (International) - N30,000

    Transcript processing fee (Student Copy) - N7,500.00

    Transcript processing fee (Soft Copy) - N25,000

    Transcript processing fee (Hard Copy & Soft copies) - N55,000

All things been equal, your transcript should be ready within the shortest time of submission

NOTE: Graduates of Osun State University seeking higher qualfication in our University will not pay for transcript(s) processing fee


Only one degree certificate is issued to each student and we do not hold copies, therefore you will need to provide a photocopy of your certificate, which we can certify.

FEES: Each type of document - N1,000 (Pay into the designsted Account and obtain Teller) 

Requests for replacement of original certificates are dealt with by the Registrar  Office and can only be granted where the original has been irretrievably lost. As part of the process, applicants will be required to submit a statutory declaration/affidavit, setting out the circumstances of the loss.

FEES: Re-Issuance of Certificate - N25,000 (Bank Draft in favour of Osun State University to obtain receipt for application to the Registrar)  


The Transcripts Office (Academic Affairs Department) can provide you with an official Letter of Attestation/ Proficiency in English, which will confirm your award. In our experience, these are generally acceptable as proof of your degree for stuying abroad and visa purposes. 

FEES: Each type of document - N1,000 (Pay into designated Acccount and obtain Teller)

Kindly pay to the Account details below:

     Name of Account -  Osun State University, Osogbo

     Bank Name -           Access Bank

     Account Number -   0000504412

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Building Projects

Donors can also donate the following projects to be named after them in honour and remembrance of their loved ones:

Such projects include:

- Construction of Lecture Theatre

- Construction of ICT Centre

- Construction of Language Laboratories

- Recreational Centre

- Supply of Ultra Teaching Aids/Software

- Supply of Laboratory Equipment

- Construction of Halls of Residence

- Tarring of Roads

- Supply of cars and buses

- Construction of Sporting Facilities and supply of Equipment

NOTE: Investors can also partner with the University on BOT or PPP arrangement to develop the institution.

Osun State University is a conventional, multi-campus University charged with the production of high quality, well-rounded, globally competitive and entrepreneurial graduates who are catalysts for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development of Osun State and Nigeria.